Brazilian innovators partner with the world’s open source learning platform to deliver world-class and cost-effective elearning solutions

Moodle continues its mission of providing educators with powerful and flexible learning tools through its new partnership with a team of Brazilian edtech innovators, ADAPTA.

Today, Moodle – the world’s open source learning platform – welcomed ADAPTA as its latest Moodle Partner, making it the seventh certified Partner in Brazil.

Together, both companies will continue their mission to deliver innovative and powerful edtech tools that will support organisational training and educational demands in Brazil.

ADAPTA is a brand-new company led by three innovators – Daniel Neis, Eric Justin Altit and Gilvan Marques – who have over 15 years of individual experience developing e-learning projects for major government and non-government institutions and many national and international corporations such as IBM, British Gas / Comgas and Telemar.

As ADAPTA, they expressed their excitement in joining Moodle’s global partnership network.

“We are excited for this opportunity to be introduced to the Brazilian e-learning market as the newest Moodle Partner in the country,” they commented.

“We see the Brazilian elearning market continuing to grow. There is high demand for world class but cost-effective edtech solutions in both the educational and training sectors and as a company we are committed to creating best digital experiences and solutions for our customers.”

“Moodle – being the world’s open source learning platform – is a powerful and popular solution that can help meet our organisational objectives and the business needs of our clients.”

The team at ADAPTA have been using Moodle for a number of years and one of their latest projects involved training doctors from public hospitals throughout Brazil with the Oswaldo Cruz German Hospital in Sao Paulo using Moodle.

In addition, Daniel is a regular contributor to the Moodle Community at whilst Gilvan is a leading figure in the Brazilian Moodle Community.

Dr Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle, also commented on the importance of this new partnership.

“I’m delighted to see the creation of ADAPTA from some of the biggest proponents of Moodle in the Brazilian Moodle community and I’m very happy to welcome them to the Moodle Partner network,” said Martin.

“We are looking forward to working with you, along with our other 5 Certified Moodle Service Providers in Brazil, to advance our mutual mission of empowering all educators with powerful, flexible and affordable tools and working together with our community to improve education and opportunities for students.”

The Moodle Partner network continues to grow, with the addition of ADAPTA totalling 87 certified Moodle partnerships based in 43 countries.

About Moodle

Moodle, the world’s open source learning platform, allows educators to create a private space online filled with tools for collaborative learning. First released in 2001 by Martin Dougiamas, Moodle is now used in every country in the world. Moodle is a key part of operations for leading education institutions such as Open University UK, Monash and Columbia, as well as big organisations such as the United Nations, UK Government and US Defence force.

Moodle’s open source project and development is supported by its global community of users and network of certified Moodle Partners, who offer a range of tailored Moodle services and support. For more information, visit


ADAPTA partners have more than 15 years experience in the e-learning business segment in Brazil. The team have worked with Moodle and been involved in the Moodle community since 2005. During this time they have worked on large scale projects, using Moodle, for major government and non-government institutions, national and international corporations.

The company is committed to creating digital experiences for users and helping customers meet their technology and business goals.

ADAPTA provides a number of Moodle certified services, including custom theme design, plugins development, hosting, software implementation, custom content development, training and helpdesk support.


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